A state of the art Mural painting - Julie Mehretu @ Goldman Sachs New York

25 meter long, 7 meter high, Julie Mehretu’s breathtaking “Mural” dominates the entrance lobby of Goldman Sachs’s new steel-and-glass office building, in lower Manhattan. Goldman Sachs owns a substantial art collection which is installed througout its international offices, but the Mural by Julie Mehretu was the first ever commmissoned work. The abstract forms and vibrant colors accompany all arriving employees when they enter the building and walk the way from the security check to the elevators. In her outline for this project Mehretu unveils the content of the artwork as "the layered confluences and contadictions of the world economy" and means by this the history of capitalism in abstract terms. A vast network of layers, highly realistic drawings and abstract coulored surface elements show scenes like 'the New Orleans cotton exchange', 'the early London Stock exchanges where pigs and cows were sold', 'trade routes' and 'population shifts due to the growth of financial centers'.

Julie Mehretu's Mural at Goldman Sachs, New York - Detail

Julie Mehretu's Mural at Goldman Sachs, New York - Full Size

Julie Mehretu in her Studio